Breakfast Sandos

Cuisinart original

Classic breakfast sandwich topped with fresh arugula and tomato makes a satisfying and veggie forward meal.


4 servings


8 pieces                  Thick-cut bacon

4 each                    English muffins, split

4                            Eggs

3 tablespoons         Cuisinart KC Sweet Seasoning

6 ounces                 Arugula

2 tablespoons         Avocado Oil

2 tablespoons         Lemon juice

¼ teaspoon             Kosher salt

1                            Large heirloom tomato

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


  1. Pre-heat Cuisinart 360 Griddle on high for 7 minutes
  2. Lower heat to Medium-Low
  3. Cook bacon until crispy, flipping at least once
  4. Spread bacon fat across griddle and toast English muffins
  5. Remove muffins from griddle when toasted
  6. Lay 4” egg rings on griddle and spray non-stick on the griddle surface
  7. Cook eggs two at a time, sprinkling with Cuisinart Seasoning
  8. Place cooked eggs on English muffin bottoms
  9. Repeat
  10. In a medium bowl toss arugula with avocado oil, lemon juice, and salt until coated
  11. After removing ends, slice tomato into 4 rounds
  12. Place two pieces of crispy bacon, arugula, and tomato on egg
  13. Top with English muffin
  14. Serve immediately