Electric Skillets

Electric Skillets

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Cuisinart® Electric Skillets allow you to go beyond the stovetop. One of the greatest advantages of electric skillets is that they hold consistent heat. That means your food will be cooked evenly. The first piece of bacon will taste just as crispy as the last in the line-up. The temperature also adjusts from warm to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, making it easy to cook nearly anything — from fajitas to pancakes.

Is your kitchen one of the busiest rooms in the house? Electric skillets are the perfect back-up plan. Make your eggs in the morning without waiting in line. It also gives you another cooking option for the holidays, allowing you to get your to-do list done faster.

Portability is another big win. Now, you can go “glamping” and still enjoy a hot meal, so long as there’s an outlet.

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