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Cuisinart® toaster ovens allow you to bake, broil, toast or air fry with ease. Simply choose your preferred cooking function (such as “bagel” or “pizza”) and your food will come out perfectly crisp every time. Whether avocado toast or margherita pizza are on the menu, food is more fun to make in our toaster ovens.

Need something quick to feed the family? Our Toaster Oven Broiler with Convection is large enough to hold a 12-inch pizza or six slices of toast. Just add your favorite toppings. A shade control feature ensures your toast comes out right every time. Clean-up is just as easy with slide-out crumb trays.

For a modern twist on the classic toaster oven, try the Cuisinart® Digital Air Fryer Toaster Oven. Presets make it simple to fry favorites like wings, fries, chicken nuggets, snacks, and veggies. It also has low-temperature settings to proof dough (allowing it to rest and rise before baking) or dehydrate food. Make your own apple chips or vegetable crisps for a healthy mid-day snack.    

Prepare meals to perfection with Cuisinart® toaster ovens.

View our toaster oven manuals here.