Electric Hand Mixers

Electric Hand Mixers

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Bring out your inner baker with Cuisinart® electric hand mixers. It’s never been easier to beat batters, whip egg whites or knead homemade bread dough. No more stirring for 20 minutes just to remove the clumps.

The Power Advantage® Plus 9-Speed Hand Mixer is one of the best in its class for power and versatility. It’s built with 220 watts of power and automatic feedback, and it has three low-mixing speeds to eliminate splatter. The electric hand mixer comes with beaters, a chef’s whisk, dough hooks, a spatula and even a recipe book.

For basic mixing, our PowerAdvantage® 5-Speed Hand Mixer also gets the job done. You can switch from dense cookie dough to whipped cream with just one touch.

Our electric hand mixers are BPA-free and have a limited three-year warranty.

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