Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets

No matter what’s on the menu, Cuisinart® kitchen utensils can help you tackle it. The right tools can make light work of flipping, stirring, straining, grating or peeling. What should you keep in mind when choosing kitchen utensils? Here are some considerations. 


Just starting out? Invest in kitchen essentials you know you’ll use on a daily or weekly basis. Solid and slotted spoons, a turner (or spatula), cutting board, measuring cups, mixing bowls, a can opener and a colander are all “musts” for the kitchen. Love to cook? Choose new pieces that may be designed for one function, but can serve several others. Maybe mashed potatoes aren’t a go-to for you, but a masher can also be used as a guacamole maker or mojito muddler.     

Scratch and Heat Resistant

Kitchen utensils should be made from a material that won’t scratch cookware, especially if it’s nonstick cookware. The nylon tool heads from our Contour Collection are safe and gentle on nonstick cookware and can withstand heat up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit. Made from Acacia wood, our Acacia kitchen utensils are also safe for nonstick cookware. They come with the added benefit of being a renewable resource.  

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You can also view our kitchen utensil manuals here.