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Cuisinart® saucepans are a “must” for any kitchen. From classic tomato sauce to a sautéed mushroom and butter sauce, sauces complete the meal. That’s the reason why so many sauce recipes are passed down from one generation to the next. They’re memorable.

Sauces aren’t the only thing saucepans can be used for either. The name can be deceiving. Surprisingly versatile, saucepans can steam rice, heat soup, melt chocolate, warm milk, boil eggs or reheat leftovers.

To select the right saucepan, look at its shape. A saucepan that’s narrow with tall sides can help minimize evaporation. Rounded corners also ensure your ingredients get equal attention while stirring. Nothing gets scorched or missed. Some saucepans also have a spout, which makes for easy, mess-free pouring.

Material is another important consideration. Nonstick is designed for easy food release, which is ideal for eggs, chicken and rice. If you’re primarily making liquids (such as soups), stickiness isn’t a major concern. In those instances, choose stainless steel. Our Cuisinart® Forever Stainless Collection™ is built to last a lifetime.

Consider getting a couple saucepans of differing sizes and materials. That allows you to leverage nonstick when it counts or stainless steel when it doesn’t. It’s also more efficient, allowing you to cook several dishes at once. Plus, when you’re making those memorable family meals with multiple sides, you’re going to need more than one saucepan.

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You can also view our saucepan manuals here.

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