The kitchen is the heart of every home. It’s the setting for breakfast each morning and dinner each night. It’s where you go to restore your energy and fill your cup. Food brings people together — whether it’s from the next room or many miles away.

Make the most of each moment with our kitchen guides and resources. In this section, you’ll find guides for all the kitchen essentials you need, whether you’re choosing the perfect coffee maker or expanding your culinary creations with the addition of an air fryer to your favorite kitchen tools.  

Our how-to guides will also bring out your inner culinary artist. Find easy-to-follow recipes that will become family favorites. We’ll even help you resolve everyday dilemmas, from how to brew better coffee to how to properly dispose of bacon grease (hint: not down the drain).

Savor every moment with these resources, tips and product guides from Cuisinart.

Guide to Air Fryers

Types of Coffee Makers

How to Buy a Food Processor