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Bread Toasters & Pop Up Toasters

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Cuisinart® bread and pop-up toasters make perfectly golden-brown toast, bagels, frozen waffles and pastries. In minutes, breakfast is served. Designed to conserve space, our bread toasters and pop-up toasters are the perfect addition to your kitchen.

Toasting artisan bread? The Bakery™ bread toaster has two extra-long, extra-wide 10-inch x 1.5-inch slots. They’re perfect for bistro-style sandwiches, like an open-face Italian chicken sandwich. Families will also love our 4 Slice Compact Stainless pop-up toaster. Warm up two thick bagel halves and two bread slices at the same time. You might even consider upgrading to our 4 Slice Countdown pop-up toaster, which allows you to reheat, defrost or toast. The countdown feature tells you exactly how much time remains. Simply set the time, wait for your food to pop up and enjoy!

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You can also view our bread toaster manuals here.

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