Greek Salad

Cuisinart original

Reminiscent of the pizza shop staple, the salad consists of all sliced ingredients, but can be served over chopped or sliced romaine lettuce, if desired.


Makes about 5 cups


½     head romaine lettuce, cut to fit the
        feed tube
¼     red onion, trimmed, halved, and cut
        to fit the feed tube
1      bell pepper, seeded and cut into four
1     cucumber, halved and trimmed to fit
        the feed tube
1     cup cherry tomatoes
½    cup pitted kalamata olives
4     ounces feta, well drained and blotted
       dry with paper towels
       Greek Vinaigrette , for serving

Nutritional information

Nutritional information per serving (1 cup, without dressing):
Calories 204 (33% from fat) • carb. 31g • pro. 6g• fat 8g • sat. fat 3g • chol. 20mg • sod. 453mg • calc. 172mg • fiber 4g


1. Assemble the Cuisinart® Food Processor fitted with the continuous feed attachment. Place the medium slicing disc over the stem adapter.
2. Place a medium serving bowl on the counter under the chute to catch the salad ingredients.
3. Slice the vegetables in the order listed and then the olives on High, and finally the feta on Low.
4. Gently toss, if desired, and serve immediately with the dressing.