3-Cheese Grilled Cheese

Cuisinart original


4 servings


8 slices                   Artisan bread, thick-cut

8 tablespoons         Softened goat cheese

8 slices                   Provolone cheese

8 slices                   Pepper jack cheese

16 slices                 Tomato

8 tablespoons         Butter, softened

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


    1. Pre-heat 3-in-1 Cuisinart Pizza Oven Plus in griddle mode at medium heat
    2. Spread softened goat cheese on one slice of bread then top with one slice of folded provolone cheese
    3. Place folded pepper jack cheese on other slice of bread
    4. Spread butter on opposite side of bread slices
    5. Repeat with remaining bread slices
    6. Reduce heat to low
    7. Place buttered side of bread slices on griddle
    8. Top each goat cheese/provolone slices with two tomato slices
    9. Close lid
    10. Griddle approximately 3 minutes until cheese starts to melt
    11. Build 4 sandwiches by combining 4 pepper jack slices on top of cheese/tomato slices
    12. Griddle to desired doneness
    13. Remove from griddle and slice sandwiches in half. Serve while warm

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