Steak Frites

Cuisinart original

This classic bistro meal is so easy to make at home. Try it with our
Salsa Verde, see following recipe.


Makes about 4 servings


2 strip steaks, about 1 inch to 1½ inches thick
½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1½ teaspoons kosher salt, divided
1 pound (about 3 medium) russet potatoes
Nonstick cooking spray
Olive oil, for spraying

Nutritional information

Nutritional information per serving (based on 4 servings):
Calories 309 (26% from fat) • carb. 21g • pro. 35g • fat 9g • sat. fat 3g
chol. 92mg • sod. 958mg • calc. 40mg • fiber 2g


1. Season the steaks evenly, on both sides with the black pepper and
½ teaspoon of the salt.
2. Place the Grill/Griddle Plate onto the Baking Pan, lined with foil, with
the Grill side facing up. Place into the oven in the lower rack position. Set to Grill at 450°F and preheat for at least 10 minutes.
3. Once preheated, carefully add the steaks to the grill plate. Cook until
medium rare, for 5 to 6 minutes per side, depending on thickness.
4. While steaks are cooking, cut potatoes into ¼-inch-thick pieces,
about 4 inches long. Pat dry completely.
5. Once steaks are cooked, remove and let rest on a cutting board.
Carefully replace the Grill/Griddle plate with the AirFryer Basket,
coated with nonstick cooking spray.
6. Put the dried potatoes into the basket. Spray or brush liberally with
olive oil. Sprinkle with remaining teaspoon of salt and toss. Spread
into a single layer.
7. Put the assembled pan into the upper rack position. Set to AirFry at
400°F for 15 minutes, cooking until desired crispiness is achieved.
8. To serve: slice the rested steak and divide evenly with the hot fries.
Serve with dipping sauce, such as salsa verde if desired.