Loaded Burrito Bowl

Cuisinart original

From the ground beef to the guacamole and refried beans, the food processor prepares just about every component of this zesty and satisfying deconstructed burrito.


Yield: 6 to 8 servings


½   medium to large red onion
1    to 2 medium to large bell peppers
4    ounces mushrooms
4    ounces pepper Jack cheese
2    garlic cloves, peeled
2    pounds beef stew meat, cut into
       2-inch pieces
1     tablespoon vegetable oil
½    teaspoon kosher salt
1     to 2 pinches freshly ground black pepper
1     package (¼ cup) taco seasoning mix*
       Brown rice, for serving
       Refried beans, for serving
       Guacamole, for serving
       Salsa, for serving

Nutritional information

Nutritional information per serving (based on 8 servings):
Calories 230 (44% from fat) • carb. 4g • pro. 28g • fat 11g • sat. fat 5g • chol. 85mg • sod. 437mg calc. 123mg • fiber 1g


1. Insert the slicing disc, set to 4mm, into the work bowl of the food processor. Slice the onion, pepper(s), and mushrooms on High. Remove and reserve.
2. Remove the slicing disc and replace it with the medium shredding disc. Shred the cheese on Low.
Remove and reserve in a separate bowl.
3. Remove the shredding disc and replace it with the chopping blade. While the unit is running on Low, drop the garlic cloves through the feed tube to finely chop. Add the meat and pulse until finely chopped, about 15 pulses.
4. Put the vegetable oil into a large skillet set over medium heat. Once the oil is hot, add the vegetables with the salt and pepper, and sauté until softened. Remove and reserve. Increase the heat to high and add the beef. Cook until nicely browned. When fully cooked, add the taco seasoning mix and enough water to make a bit of a sauce (most packages will recommend ¹⁄³ to ²⁄³ cup water, depending on the mixture). Cook until nicely coated and just simmering. Remove and reserve.
5. Serve the beef, vegetables, cheese, and other suggested topping. We recommend a small scoop of rice per bowl, then topped with the meat, beans, vegetables, and a bit of guacamole and salsa.
*Note: While the purchased taco seasoning packet is a real time saver, you can prepare your own spice blend if preferred.