Mm Mm Good Brussel Sprouts

Light, sweet and healthy veggie mix.




1 lb Fresh Brussel Sprouts Cleaned and Split lengthwise Light cooking oil (Olive,grape seed) ¼ cup 3Tb Light Soy or Terriaki Sauce 4 Small Red/White/Yukon Gold Potatoes - un-pealed, lightly pre-boiled/microwaved - Quartered

Nutritional information

Less that 200 Calories, vitamin rich


In Large Frying pan - cover bottom with oil. Place Brussel Sprouts cut side down, sprinkle with Garlic-Pepper, Cook with lid on until bottoms start to brown. Add potatoes and Soy/Terriaki. Mix lightly, and cook until potatoes color a bit. Serve with any Meat Dish, and a Crisp Tart Salad. Yummy!