Guacamole with Fresh Corn and Chipotle

Forget placing the avocado pit in your guacamole — unless you like how it looks. It doesn't stop the dip from turning brown.


2 Cups


2 large ripe avocados (about 1½ pounds), halved, pitted, peeled 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice 1 ear of fresh corn 1 plum tomato, seeded, diced 2 green onions, chopped 1 canned chipotle chile, finely chopped* ¼ cup sour cream

Nutritional information

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Mash avocados with lime juice in medium bowl. Using sharp knife, remove corn kernels from cob and add to avocado mixture. Stir in tomato and green onions. Combine chipotle and sour cream in small bowl; whisk to blend. Stir cream mixture into avocado mixture. Season with salt. Do ahead: Can be made 4 hours ahead. Place plastic wrap directly onto surface of guacamole and refrigerate. Bring to room temperature before serving. *Chipotle chiles are dried, smoked jalapeños canned in adobo sauce. They are available at some supermarkets, at specialty foods stores, and at Latin markets.