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Spiced boniatos

Baked boniatos, peeled & sauteed with spices and tossed with lime. "


2-2 1/2 lbs. boniatos of similar size.
1 Tbsp. Panch Puran seasoning (readily available where Indian spices are sold)
1-2 Tbsp olive or canola oil
2 tsp butter or buttery spread
Grated rind of 1 lime and 1/4c fresh lime juice
Salt to taste


Wrap boniatos in foil and bake until cooked. When cool enough to handle, unwrap and cut into 1 1/2" cubes.
Heat oil and butter in large saute pan. Add Panch Puran and boniatos.
Saute until lightly browned, stirring frequently.
Add grated lime rind and juice & mix gently & thoroughly.
Serve hot or at room temperature.
Especially good with chicken or any kind of fish.

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