Southwest Style Turkey Club




• Whole Wheat Bread
• Bacon Slices
• Lettuce
• Tomatoes
• Avocado
• Corn (Optional)
• Salsa or
• Chipotle Mayo

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


1. First of all brown the bacon over medium heat until fully cooked/brown & crispy
2. Season the turkey with herbs/salt or pepper, and as above, cook over medium heat
3. Transfer both the bacon and turkey to separate plates lined with paper towel to drain any fat
4. Mash the avocado
5. Then toast the whole wheat bread
6. I then stack and make triple decker style sandwiches
7. Spreading the Salsa and/or Chipotle Mayo on the toast
8. Next layer up the lettuce, turkey, bacon
9. The piece of bread in between (to make the stack) I spread some avocado and sprinkle some corn
10. Repeat the process, for a mile high Southwest Style Turkey Club Sandwich!
11. Last Step, ENJOY!!! :-)