Saute Roast Beef and Onions with Swiss on Rye

When I work as a Short Order Cook, I would offer this up because my onions were ready done and it took no time for the roast beef to brown. It was faster than a Steak Sub for those in a hurry.




• 1. Small Onion and a little butter or Olive Oil
• 1 lb. Rare Deli Roast Beef
• ½ lb. Swiss Cheese
• Rye Bread or Club Rolls
• Salt And Pepper (if needed)
• Mayo, Mustard, Hot Peppers, Pickles etc...(Your Choice)

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


1. Crop onion and saute until a little golden brown
2. Dice roast beef in medium pieces and add to onions and let it brown.
3. Remove from pan and put on paper towel to remove any oil left. And wrap pan with paper towel.
4. Return roast and onions back to the hot pan
5. and with the heat off section off your portions
6. and put Swiss Cheese, cover pan and let it melt.