Our Favorite Reubens




• loaf of thinly sliced rye or pumpernickle bread
• half pound thinly sliced beef pastrami
• half pound swiss cheese slices
• one can sauercraut
• ½ cup mayonaisse
• 3 Tbsp. ketchup
• 2 Tbsp. pickle relish

Nutritional information

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1. Butter 12 slices of rye or pumpernickle bread
2. Divide meat between 6 slices of bread
3. Put cheese on top
4. Divide sauercrat between sandwiches
5. Mix together mayonaisse, ketchup and pickle relish
6. Generously spread top slices with the mayo mixture and top the bottom helf of sandwiches with these slices.
7. Grill sandwiches until nicely browned on both sides. I do at 300 degrees.