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Type: Desserts
Dessert for two. Scoop your ice cream in advance and save in the freezer until ready to serve.
Type: Desserts
A light and simple dessert. Also known as granita siciliana, it is a semi-frozen dessert made from sugar, water and various flavorings. Originally from Sicily, it is related to sorbet and italian ice. Its texture varies from city to city.
Espresso-Marinated Flank Steak
Type: Entrees
Espresso becomes the star in this easy-to-prepare marinade.
Caffè Coretto
Type: Beverages
The perfect closer.
Hot Chocolate
Type: Beverages
Why wait for the snow? Hot chocolate in an instant is perfect anytime.
Espresso Martini
Type: Beverages
A delicious cocktail that packs a punch.
Espresso Shake
Type: Beverages
Thick and delicious!
Espresso Gelato
Type: Desserts
For an extra jolt, add some dark chocolate-covered espresso beans toward the end of freezing.
Ham Steak with Red-Eye Gravy
Type: Entrees
A twist on the Southern breakfast staple. Serve alongside biscuits and grits.
Type: Desserts
A simple variation of the Italian classic.
Espresso Macchiato
Type: Beverages
A simple spot of foam makes this drink a classic.
Soy Latte
Type: Beverages
This non-dairy beverage provides a delicious drink.
Espresso Breve
Type: Beverages
American version of a latte – substituting half & half for milk.
Flavored Latte
Type: Beverages
Any type of flavored syrup can be used in this recipe.
Type: Beverages
Chocolate cappuccino – what could be better?
Caffè Mocha
Type: Beverages
This ultra-rich drink makes a perfect ending to any special meal
Iced Cappuccino
Type: Beverages
Brew your iced cappuccino to go all in one cup.
Frozen Latte
Type: Beverages
You will never need to go out for coffee when you can make these delectable treats at home.
Espresso Biscotti
Type: Espresso Recipes

Serve these crisp cookies alongside a freshly brewed espresso for proper dunking.