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Tropical Fruits and Cinnamon Oats
Type: Family Breakfast

Mango and papaya contain good-for-you enzymes that help with digestion.

Eat Your Veggies
Type: Stage 2

The sweetness of these veggies has baby always wanting more!

Greens and Sweets
Type: Stage 1

It is so important to introduce green vegetables to your baby as early as possible. The sweetness of this recipe is great way to start.

Veggie Lentil Medley
Type: Stage 2

Lentils are a great protein source for baby!

Hippie Baby
Type: Stage 2

A complete and ultra-nourishing meal for baby (tie dye not included).

Veggie Rice Cereal
Type: Family Breakfast

A good starter recipe for when baby is ready for combination foods.

Winter Fruits with Yogurt
Type: Stage 2

Dried fruit is readily available year round and makes a delicious purée for baby.

Lamb Stew with Barley
Type: Family Soups

A delicious combination of sound nutritious foods for your little one.

Baby Chicken Soup
Type: Stage 2

Baby’s first taste of chicken soup.

Salmon Sweet Potato and Quinoa Superfood
Type: Stage 2

A super food combo to nourish your baby.

Sweet Bunny Waffles
Type: Family Breakfast

The combination of carrot and apple purée used in these sugar-free waffles make them a great option for the whole family to enjoy.

Sunshine Muffins
Type: Family Breakfast

Whole grain muffins sweetened with butternut squash purée make a wholesome breakfast or snack.

Sweet Potato Pancakes
Type: Family Breakfast

The silver dollar size is perfect for little fingers to grab.

Apple Pancakes
Type: Family Breakfast

These pancakes will be a favorite breakfast treat.

Baby Chicken Salad
Type: Family Sides

With the Cuisinart® Baby Food Maker you can make this “salad” as smooth or chunky as your baby needs.

Allergen-Free Chicken Fingers
Type: Family Entrees

These chicken fingers are not only suitable for people with most every common food allergy – they are absolutely delicious!!!

Allergen-Free Fish Sticks
Type: Family Entrees

Potato chips provide extra crunch for these oven baked fish sticks!