Wok Fried Rice

Cuisinart original

A fun take on traditional fried rice amped up with Chinese sausage and kimchi. The secret in any fried rice dish is to make the rice a day ahead and let it chill overnight. Cooking the rice ahead not only speeds up cooking the day of, but ensures minimal clumping and promotes grain definition in the finished dish.




Rice (cook one day ahead):

1 cup                          Jasmine rice or long grain rice

1 ½ cups                   Water

1 teaspoon                 Rice wine vinegar

1 teaspoon                 Coconut oil

1 pinch                       Kosher salt

Fried Rice:

¼ cup                        Oil (high smoke point peanut, vegetable, or coconut)

1 lb                             Chinese Sausage, no casings

1                                  Medium red onion, julienne

3 cloves                      Garlic, minced

1 tablespoon             Fresh ginger, minced

½                                Napa cabbage, shaved

3 cups                         Cooked rice

8 oz                             Kimchi, rough chop

3 tablespoons           Oyster sauce or Asian BBQ sauce

2                                  Eggs, lightly beaten

1                                  Lime, juiced

¼ cup                        Thai Basil, chiffonade

Nutritional information

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  1. Rinse rice in a fine mesh strainer under cold water until clear
  2. Add all ingredients to a rice cooker or pot
  3. Cook on medium heat covered until all liquid is absorbed
  4. Stir with fork
  5. Cool at room temperature on a sheet pan
  6. Cover and refrigerate overnight


  1. Heat wok on high and add oil
  2. Lower temperature to medium and cook sausage
  3. Set sausage aside
  4. Add onion, garlic, ginger and cabbage to wok
  5. Saute for 1-2 minutes on high heat, stirring vigorously
  6. Add rice and saute for 1 minute, stirring to combine, break up any large clumps before adding to wok
  7. Add sausage, kimchi, and oyster sauce, tossing to combine
  8. Move rice up sides of wok creating a well in the center
  9. Add eggs and scramble
  10. Once eggs are cooked, fold rice and eggs together
  11. Toss with lime juice and basil and serve