Wok Pad Thai

Pad Thai
Pad Thai
Cuisinart original

A National dish introduced by Prime Minister Phibun in the 1930s, Pad Thai uses globally sourced ingredients with rice noodles being the main ingredient. In 2001, Thailand launched a successful global restaurant expansion campaign with Pad Thai as the national dish.





2 ounces                    Brown sugar

3 tablespoons           Fish sauce

3 tablespoons           Tamarind pulp, mashed

1 teaspoon                 Thai chili paste

2 tablespoons           Water

Pad Thai:

¼ cup                        Oil

1                                  Shallot, diced

2                                  Garlic cloves, minced

1/4 -pound               Shrimp 18-20, peeled and deveined

3 ounces                    Firm tofu, large dice

1 teaspoon                 Shrimp paste

¼ cup                        Carrot coins

¼ cup                        Pea pods

1 cup                          Mungbeans

¼ cup                        Garlic chives, minced

¼ cup                        Peanuts, unsalted, chopped


8 ounces                    Thai rice noodles, softened in warm water

2                                  Eggs, lightly scrambled

1                                  Lime, juiced

¼ cup                        Thai Basil, chiffonade


Nutritional information

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  1. Sauce:

    1. Whisk brown sugar and fish sauce together until sugar is disolved
    2. Fold in tamarind pulp, chili paste, and water and whisk until combined
    3. Set aside

    Pad Thai:

    1. Heat wok on high heat
    2. Add half of the oil
    3. Once smoking add shallots garlic and shrimp
    4. Quickly sauté until shrimp gets color and pull up on sides
    5. Add remaining oil to well
    6. Add tofu, shrimp paste, carrots, pea pods, mung beans, garlic chives, and peanuts
    7. Stir frequently
    8. Once vegetables get color, add sauce and bring to a boil
    9. Fold in noodles and combine
    10. Pull noodles up said creating a well, add eggs to well and scramble
    11. Toss noodles and eggs together
    12. Fold in lime juice
    13. Place noodles in bowls and garnish with fresh basil