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DoubleThanks Pot Pie

Thanksgiving left-overs make-over
Our family likes to make and freeze pot pies from our Thanksgiving left-overs. We are doubly thankful for this delicious treat to pop in the oven after busy day preparing for the December holidays. "


deboned turkey bits
green beans
brown turkey gravy
mashed potatoes
9" frozen deep dish pie crusts


When shopping for Thanksgiving, buy a few extra deep dish pie crusts. Use any left-over you choose, and equally distribute into the deep dish pie crust just above the pie pan level making a small hump. Cover with a second crust semi-thawed enough to handle. Crimp the edges to seal with fingers or a fork. The gravy should moisten and bring together all the other ingredients. Consider making one for the kids and one for the adults if tastes differ. Cover top of pie with foil and place it in a gallon freezer bag. Put in freezer. When ready to cook, remove from freezer bag and place foil underneath on a cookie sheet. Bake at 425 F for 45 minutes. Remove foil and bake for additional 15 minutes to brown crust. Remove and turn pie upside down on a plate. With a fork, poke a hole in the center of the upturned bottom crust to allow cooling. If pie is still cool inside, It may be microwaved for a couple of minutes to better warm the insides.

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4-5 servings per pie

Nutritional Information
Per Serving

450-600 calories a serving

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