Rosemary's Cookies

An easy and very flavorful cookie. Just be sure to roll then while they are still warm before they cool and set up.... else they wont stick together. This is an old time recipe my mother always made.




¼ cup of melted butter 1 cup sugar ½ lb cut up or chopped dates ½ cup of chopped nuts 1 egg, beaten 2 cups of Rice Krispies ½ cup chopped coconut

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Melt butter, add sugar and dates, nuts and egg. Cook over low heat till it starts to biol. Watch it closely, it tends to burn easily. Then cook about 6 min. longer. Pour into a bowl with rice krispies and mix well. Form small 2" strips or balls and roll in crushed nuts or finely chopped coconut. I use coconut myself. Set out on waxed paper till they cool and dry a bit. Store in tightly closed container. This recipe makes a lot.