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RECIPES/Family Sides
Fried rice with a tasty twist
Not so traditional Fried Rice
1 cup Jasmine rice (dont' use Uncle Ben's, that's not rice!)
1 1/2 cups beef broth (chicken broth is ok too)
1lb ground hot Italian sausage
1 TBSP minced garlic (from a jar is ok, fresh is better)
1 tsp minced ginger (from a jar is ok, fresh is better)
1 small yellow onion diced
2 tsp sesame oil (don't skip this, lots of flavor here)
2-3 eggs (scrambled in advance)
2 tsp Sea Salt
1 tsp Black pepper
1 tsp Red Pepper Flakes
2-3 Green onions (for garnish)
Fried rice cooks up best when the rice is about a day or two old. However, if you're in a pinch, that's ok too. Just cook the rice in the broth and let it sit in the fridge until it's cold. Leave it there until you're ready to add it to your pan. It's important that the rice be cold.

In the meantime, cook the hot Italian sausage in a non-stick pan on med-high heat. Cook it until it's BROWN, almost charred. This is where the flavor comes from. The bits of sausage should be brown like the char you see on a char grilled hamburger. Lower the heat to med and add onions, garlic, and ginger. Garlic lovers, feel free to add more than a TBSP, I usually add about 2 TBSP in mine because everyone I cook for loves garlic! Cook until onions are translucent, about 5min.

At this point, add the cold rice and stir to combine. Once the rice is nicely incorporated, add the sesame oil and scrambled (pre-cooked) eggs.

Note: some people like to add the eggs raw and let the heat from the pan cook the eggs. That's ok too, however I find that cooking the eggs ahead of time in a separate pan leaves a nicer presentation. The eggs stay light and fluffy. This also prevents the eggs from being overcooked as well since they cook fast.

At this point, add your sea salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes (if you like it hot). Remember, you already used hot Italian sausage, so if you don't like it spicy, leave out the red pepper flakes. Feel free to add more sea salt if you like but remember, the sausage is already salty so make sure you taste it before adding more salt.

Finally thinly slice a few green onions and sprinkle over the rice as a garnish and serve.

Cooking tip: The key to making cooking fast and easy is to have all of your ingredients measured out and ready to go. Chop your onion, garlic, and ginger and put them together in a bowl so they're ready to go. Measure out your salt, pepper, and red pepper and combine in a small bowl so you can just dump them in the pan when it's time. Having these ingredients "pre-prepped" will allow you to concentrate on what's going on in your pan! Happy cooking!

Servings: 4

Nutritional information per serving

No nutrition information available

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