Turkey Meat is used to substitute the red meat; it's healthy and low in calories. Jicama & Mango Salad gives little bit sweetness to the bit spicy Kebabs.


For Kebabs: 1 Package Jeanie's ground Turkey-93% lean 1 Medium Yellow Onion 1 inch piece Fresh Ginger 1 Green Chili 4 sprigs fresh Cilantro 1 tea spoon ground coriander 1/2 tea spoon paprika salt to taste For salad: One Medium Jicama peeled and sliced in to 1/2 inch pieces One mango not fully ripe sliced into 1/2 inch stripes. 1/2 spoon chopped Mint Lemon juice of one fresh lemon

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Fine chop all fresh ingredients in food processor Add dry ingredients to the food processor and pulse to mix with chopped ingredients. In a bowl add ground turkey, chopped ingredients, add a tea spoon of Olive Oil and squeeze in juice of half lime. Mix all the ingredients with your hands, until every thing incorporates. Refrigerate the mixture for two to three hours. Divide the mixture into 12 portions. Take a wooden spoon and grease the handle with oil. Take one portion of meat and rap around the handle like the shape of sausage and slide in of the handle, do it for all the portions Heat a non stick pan and spray lightly with olive oil. Add the Kebabs to the pan and turn them around as they get brown on all sides. Put the kebabs on a paper towel. Salad: add Sliced Jicama, Mango, mint and lemon juice in a bowl, mix and salt & black pepper to taste. Serve three pieces of Kabab with Salad.

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