Pressure Cooker Barbecued Chicken

Use your Cuisinart Pressure Cooker when you need a fast meal without heating up the kitchen.




2-3 Tbsp. oil 3- 4 lbs. chicken parts, preferably thighs and drumsticks skinned 2 cups prepared barbecue sauce 1½ cups chopped onions 1 large green pepper, seeded and diced. (optional)

Nutritional information

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Heat 1 Tbsp. oil in the cooker. Brown the chicken well on both sides in small batches, adding extra oil as needed. Set browned chicken on a platter. Pour off left over oil if desired.  Place the sauce, onions and green pepper in the cooker. Stir well, taking care to scrape up any browned bits sticking to the bottom. Add the reserved browned chicken plus any juices that have collected on the platter stirring so that the chicken is well coated with sauce.  Lock the lid in place and cook on High for 9 minutes. Reduce pressure with a quick release. Remove the lid, tilting it away from you to allow any excess steam to release.  Place the chicken on a platter and spoon sauce on top.