Honey Injected Baked Turkey Recipe

Preheat oven to 325°F then bake the turkey accorking to suggested time-weight label. Within the last hour, remove the Aluminum foil and brush the left-over honey mixture on turkey every 15 minutes and continue to cook the turkey until the skin turn golden brown and forking tests show clear ozzing fluids without any sign of pinky or bloody drain. The baking pan should be half filled with brown and greasy baking juice. Turn off oven and leave door half open for about 40 minutes or until cool down enough to handle out by hands from oven. Honey mixture will make the meat to become so tender. With stoned sharpened carving knife, carve out the entire breasts and leg quarters; deboned then slice into 3/8"-1/2" slices and arrange them in two extra large or one huge plate with dark and white meats divided with variety. Warm degreased dripping and pour into medium bows then place them on table, next to meats plates.


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Zesty Italian dressing, 12-16 oz bottle Pure honey, 4-6 oz 16-24 lb well thawed turkey

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1. Drain top oil layer from dressing bottle, this is optional.
2. Pour Italian dressing and honey into blender and blend at high speed until the mixture become creamy.
3. Inject mixture into the well thawed turkey until mixture liquid start to ooze out in large amount. Save excess mixture for later use.
4. Place turkey in study bake pan and loosely cover it with aluminum foil to allow some breathing gaps.