grilled salmon with warm pineapple salsa

lightly marinated salmon with fresh citrus and spices, grilled and served with a refreshing pineapple slasa




GRILLED SALMON 2½lbs slamon filets 1teaspoon of lime juice 1tbl of lemon juice 2tps of shallot, minced 2tps of garlic, minced cracked pepper to taste PINEAPPLE SALSA 1½ ounces of unsalted butter 1 ounce of shallots, minced 2tps of jalapeno pepper,minced ¾ ounce of ginger root, minced 1¼lbs of pineapple, small diced 10 fluid ounces of orange juice 1tbl mint, chopped 1tbl basil, chopped ½ teaspoon of curry powder

Nutritional information

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1) cut salmon into 3 ½ounce pieces and sprinkle with lemon and lime jucies, shallots, garlic and pepper. let marinate briefly 2) prepare pineapple salsa while fish marinates. heat butter and add the shallots, jalepeno and ginger root. saute just until you can smell it. then add the orange juice and allow to reduce slightly. add pineapple, herbs, and curry powder and warm gently. 3) grill salmon and serve imediatly with warm pineapple salsa