Grandma B's Tuna Fish Meatballs

My wife's grandmother moved from Quadrelle, Italy and used to make these for us all the time. They are fork tender and they have an irresistable texture that flakes off in the mouth. They are light and citrusy, bursting with old world flavor.




for Meatballs ---------- *1 6oz. can of tuna in oil *1½ cups Bread Crumbs (Panko) *a few sprigs of Italian Flat Leaf Parsley *1 egg beaten *2 or 3 TBS Fresh Lemon Juice (add zest if u want) *2 teaspoons Fennel Pollen (not necessary but nice) *salt and pepper to taste *½ cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil Quick San Marzano sauce ------------------- *4 Garlic cloves *1 can or 10-12 freshly peeled and blended San Marzano tomatoes *a nice bunch of fresh Basil *Salt and Pepper to taste

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Mix above ingredients in a small bowl, set in fridge for 10 minutes until cool. This recipe should make 6 tuna fish meatballs. Meanwhile, heat 2qt or higher saucepan with ½ cup extra virgin olive oil, once hot, add garlic until brown, add San Marzanos, lower heat to low and simmer for 15-20 minutes. Add Basil last 5 minutes or earlier if wanted. Take bowl out of the fridge. Make 6 or however many tuna meatballs you can and roll them out on a plate from the bowl. To make Tuna fish meatballs, take a nice skillet, 10' or higher, heat extra virgin olive oil in until very hot but not smoking. Aear on each side for several minutes until golden brown, once completely browned, you can add white wine to deglaze, lower the heat and add the Tomato Sauce, let cook for 5 or 10 more minutes. Eat them by themselves with nice Italian bread or with pasta of your choice. My favorite pairing would be be linguine with this particulair dish, or bucatini.