Easy High Heat Turkey

The fastest best turkey you'll ever have Submitted by Marc Vogel
The fastest best turkey you'll ever have Submitted by Marc Vogel

Don't Salt, Don't Baste, Don't use a fork to touch or move the turkey use long tongs and mitts. The Turkey must rest before carving.


12 lb.Turkey, turkey stock, olive oil, herbs de Provence, aluminum foil;

Nutritional information

180 calories for white meat 4 oz serving, 240 calories for dark meat


1. Dry a 14 to 16 lb turkey inside and out with paper towels 2. Oil the turkey inside and out with any kind of vegetable or olive oil. 3. Cut away any excess skin around the opening of the cavity and wedge a fork inside the cavity to open it further. Leave the fork in. 4. Rub spices, herbs or just pepper all over the bird with your oily fingers. 5. Place the turkey in a "V" rack in a large metal roasting pan. 6. Cover the top of the turkey, including legs and wings with greased foil. 7. Pour 3/4 inch turkey or chicken stock in the bottom of the pan. As the turkey cooks, check the liquid every 45 minutes and add more if needed. 8. Cook the turkey at 450 degrees for 1 1/2 hours. Remove foil. 9, Finish for another 30 minutes to brown. 10. Remove turkey when it is 150-155 degrees, 11. The residual heat will finish cooking the turkey while it rests for 30 minutes before carving.