Chicken, Bacon and Stilton

Simple to make and absolutely wonderful.........




Ingredients (Serves 4) 30 minutes 6 - 8 Rashes of Back Bacon 4 Pieces of Chicken Breast 1 Large Carton of Double Cream (500 ml) Small to Medium piece of White or Blue Stilton depending on your taste (how strong) Extra Virgin Olive Oil (if needed)

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Cut the bacon into small pieces and place in a large frying pan (it will make its own fat) fry until brown and fairly crisp Once cooked remove the bacon and place on a piece of kitchen towel (leave aside) Don't clean the frying pan as you will lose the taste Cube the chicken breasts and place in the frying pan where you have just cooked the bacon (you may need to put a little oil in so it doesn't stick to the pan) Cook for around 15 minutes (stir occasionally) keep on a low heat and put lid on (drain any excess liquid, if any) Once cooked, pour cream into the frying pan, add the cooked bacon then cut or crumble the Stilton cheese into the pan Simmer for about 5 minutes until the Stilton has melted and serve