Chicken and Potatoes

Easy and delicious Submitted by Sophia
Easy and delicious Submitted by Sophia
One dish meal, I like to let the chicken cook 2 hours, then turn it to skin side up and arrange the potatoes for the last 2 hours so they absorb the broth.




8 chicken thighs One package of onion soup powder mix 3 potatoes

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In an Electric skillet put chicken thighs skin side down and cook on medium low for 4 hours. Meanwhile, with a fork pierce the potatoes and arrange them on a paper plate in the microwave, bake 10 minutes or until soft. Cut each potato into 4 long wedges and arrange with the chicken and potatoes, sprinkle with onion soup mix. Take the lid off the electric skillet ever now and then and pour off the extra water that accumulates on the lid.