Carrot Coriander Tofu Quiche

A protein packed, satisfying, delightful non-dairy eggless quiche that is beautifully marbled with carrot and onion nituki. Great for brunch or a Sunday night supper and perfect for when your vegetarian friends and family arrive!A superb do ahead delight for brunches, buffets and Sunday night suppers. These also freeze well, so make two and freeze one for unexpected guests.




For each two pies you will need: Two prepared 11” pie shells -- 2.5 packages Organic Tofu 1 heaping Tbs. Eden Umeboshi Plum Paste 8 oz. Toasted Tahini 1 Cup hot Cooked Butternut or Buttercup Squash ½ Cup hot cooking liquid from the squash 2 Tbs. heaping "Ener-G" Egg Replacer Ground Cayenne Pepper to taste Scant ⅛ teaspoon Ground Nutmeg Szeged Hungarian Paprika 3 Cups Carrot Nituki 2 Red Onion cut Nituki 1½ Tbs. Canola Oil 2 Tbs. Ground Coriander Use unbleached white flour or white whole wheat flour. Crimp the edges so that they stand up.

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Prepare two 11 inch pie shells. Use Unbleached White Flour or White Whole Wheat Flour and Butter or Willow Run Margerine and sea salt. Crimp the edges between a thumb and two index fingers so that they stand up. Pre-bake with pie beans in the bottom to hold it down and the side up. Remove to a wirerack. Remove beans when the pie shells cool. Peel and cut 3 Cups Carrots Nituke (slice carrots thinly on the diagonal and stack them up four high then slice into match sticks. Julienne is OK but Nituke is better as this cut exposes more of the interior part of the cells of the carrot for quicker cooking and a prettier presentation.) 2 large Red Onions Nituke cut thinly the same way, from stem to stern as it were. Sauté in 1½ Tbs. Canola Oil, along with 2 Tbs. Ground Coriander until carrots are wilted and the onion is lightly golden. Reserve. Peel and cook one organic Buttercup or Butternut Squash in a small amount of water until tender. Do not throw away the cooking liquid. In your Cuisinart put: 2.5 packages Organic Tofu , 1 heaping Tbs. Eden Umeboshi Plum Paste, 8 oz. Toasted Tahini, 1 Cup hot cooked Butternut or Buttercup Squash, 2 Tbs. heaping "Ener-G" Egg Replacer (found at Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Trader Joe's and other health food stores), Ground Cayenne Pepper to taste, Scant ⅛ teaspoon Ground Nutmeg As the food processor is working add ½ Cup hot cooking liquid, or more if needed, from the cooked squash. Process untill light and fuly incorporated -- about a minute or two. Pour into a lage bowl. Sauté Carrot and Onion until tender in Canola Oil along with 2 Tbs. Ground Coriander. Fold into the tofu mixture. Distribute evenly in the pie shells, piling the filling high. Sprinkle lightly with Szeged Hungarian Paprika and a light dusting of Nutmeg. Bake at 350º for 40 - 45 minutes until firm and golden. These can be prepared ahead of time and reheated without loss of flavor or texture. In fact, to ensure even attractive slices, it is best prepared ahead of time and reheated so this is a perfect do-ahead party food for company and buffet suppers.