BBQ Pulled Pork

Quick and easy pulled BBQ pork


Pork Shoulder
BBQ Bottled Sauce - your favorite
Garlic cloves and onion

Nutritional information

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1. 3 lbs - 4 lbs Pork Shoulder, remove excess fat. 2 Place in slowcooker 4-5 qt size. 3 Fill 3/4 with water and add 2-3 garlic slivered cloves. 4 Cook on slow 6-8 hrs. until it can be pulled apart. 5. Remove pork to cutting board and when cooled slightly use forks to pull apart or chop in small hunks. 6. Save two cups of cooking water on side. Discard rest of water. 7. Put pulled/chopped pork back into slowcooker. Add med size finely chopped onion and bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce. Mix well and if too thick add the reserved water slowly until it meets your approval to be put on buns. 8. Cook on high 2-3 hrs. Stir so it does not burn. This is easy to do the day before if you desire, just reheat in the crockpot after taking insert out of fridge an hour or so to heat in time to serve.