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Peachy Cuban Panini

Griddler Panini
Delicious panini to make on your Cuisinart Griddler."


1 loaf crusty French bread (12 oz.) or 4 (2 oz.) sausage rolls
1/3 cup Smucker's Peach Apricot Preserves or 1/3 cup Smucker's Peach Preserves
Prepared yellow mustard
8 slices Jarlsberg Swiss Cheese, cut in half
Dill pickle chips, drained (about 32 slices)
8 oz. thinly sliced deli roast pork
8 oz. thinly sliced Black Forest or smoked ham
No-Stick Cooking Spray


Slice bread horizontally; lay open. Spread top with preserves. Spread mustard over bottom. Arrange a layer of cheese and pickles over both sides of bread. On bottom of bread, layer pork and ham slices. Bring the bread together. Cut crosswise into 4 sandwiches.

Heat Griddler on medium. Spray bread with no-stick cooking spray. Cook sandwich until the cheese is melted and the meat is warmed through. Slice each sandwich in half diagonally and serve.

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