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Christina's Gold Fish Cheesy Dogs
Submitted by Bean Dip

Christina's Gold Fish Cheesy Dogs

Hot Dogs in a Grilled Cheese on Fun Bread.
This delicious meal is not just for kids. My husband enjoys a few in one sitting!"


Gold Fish Bread

Garlic and herb spreadable cheese

Shredded cheese of your choice

Hot dog(s)

oil or butter for pan


Cook a hot dog in the cooking manner of your preference As the hot dog is cooking, put a pat of butter or a teaspoon of olive oil in a skillet to heat up. Place one side of the Gold Fish bread in the skillet inside up. Layer the bread with the shredded cheese. Spread the garlic and herb cheese onto the other side of the goldfish bread and set aside.

Slice the hot dog into thin slices and places sliced in the skillet on the bread with shredded cheese. Lay bread you previously set aside with the garlic herb spread on top of the bread in the skillet; cheese side down to close the sandwhich. When the underside is golden brown, tip the skillet and use a spatula to gently flip to the other side. When it is toasted to your likeing, remove and enjoy.

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