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Chicken Bites
1 Chicken Breast (boneless & skinless)
1 Tablespoon butter (or margarine or olive oil)
1 cup cornflakes (or bread crumbs)
Preheat Oven to 350.
Spray pan with cooking spray.

1. Crush cornflakes. (I put the cornflakes in a bowl and crush them with a cup. Some people put them in a bag -no air in bag- and smash them with a rolling pin.)
2. Melt butter. (Microwave for about 20 seconds.)
3. Cut Chicken breast into bite-size pieces with scissors and throw them in a bowl. (Yep. I said scissors. This is the fast and easy way right? I bought a pair of just regular scissors at Wal-mart for a few bucks that I keep in my kitchen and use them only for cooking. After cutting the meat, I just rinse them and throw them in the dishwasher with the blades open so the soap can clean them completely. It makes trimming the fat and cutting meat (any kind of meat!) so ridiculously easy and fast! They do sell kitchen scissors, but I feel like the regular scissors are easier to use.)
4. Dip each bite-size piece of chicken into the butter first, then the cornflakes and put it on the pan. (Sometimes when I am feeling lazy i just pour the butter over the bowl of chicken pieces, mix it around, then pour the crushed cornflakes into the bowl too and mix it around. Then dump the whole mess onto the pan and spread it out so the pieces bake separately.)
5. Bake for 45 minutes.

Make it more fun: Give your chicken-bites some flare by adding your favorite spices or dips!

*** I make this a lot because it is healthy, yummy and easy. To make it even easier, I buy the single serving chicken breasts for the freezer. I put however many I will need in the refrigerator the night before to de-thaw. I also crush the whole box of cornflakes at once (let the air out of the cereal bag and then just get smashing) and keep them in a tupperware bowl so its ready whenever I feel like chicken. I just scoop out about 1/3 cup of pre-crushed cornflakes per chicken breast and put it in a separate bowl before I start cooking.

Servings: 1

Nutritional information per serving

350 calories 30g protein

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