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Saratoga Lake Cake

Fresh Fish from Saratoga Lake, Cuisinart w/ fresh bread pan seared and served w/caper tartar "


2 C Tarter sauce
1 c chopped green onions, or finely chopped yellow
¼ c Fresh Thyme or 1 t dry
4 slices white bread – torn into small pieces
1 Celery stalks – diced small
4 # white fish (walley, Bass, Pike ) 2 in chunks
2 large egg
S & P


In Cuisinart, using pulse setting, grind bread, then fish. Add chopped onions, celery, herbs and spice to processed fish/bread. Scramble egg, mix w/ stuffing – transfer to flat surface to make cakes ½ in thick

Heat oil in skillet – brown cakes, transfer to towels then to sheet pan for heating thoroughly prior to service – garnish and serve w/tartar

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15 servings – 2 1/ 2oz cakes each serving

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