Sunflower Toffee

I made this toffee because I love sunflower seeds and toffee. Why not put them together?




1 lb. butter 2 cups packed brown sugar 7.25 ounce jar Planters dry roasted sunflower kernels. 2 teaspoons good vanilla Candy thermometer Parchment paper

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Tear a two foot piece of parchment paper and have it ready on a clean surface to poor toffee onto. In a heavy bottom large pot, add butter and sugar. Clip candy thermometer on side of pan; bring to boil on med to med high heat. I use the #4 setting on my burner. Stir frequently. Keep a close eye on it. Do not try to cook too quickly. Be patient. It takes about 20-25 minutes. Cook until thermometer reaches 300 F. Remove from heat and stir in vanilla with a long wooden spoon or whisk. Stir in sunflower kernels. Move quickly. Be careful, it’s really hot! Pour toffee onto parchment paper and spread with rubber spatula. Let cool completely. Break into pieces. Great for holiday gift.