Simple Strawberry Smoothie

Simple Strawberry Smoothie Submitted by MHC
Simple Strawberry Smoothie Submitted by MHC
This is a healthy way to cool down on a hot day or great served as a light dessert after the meal. It takes three steps to make, and adds a refreshing touch to top the meal off. A great substitute for ice cream or sherbert and a simple,quick,and healthy way to enjoy and refresh.


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5 Cups Frozen Strawberries 2 Cups Orange Juice

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Place the frozen strawberries and orange juice inside Cuisinart Blender with mixer/chopper blade. Allow to thaw to room temperature for about ten minutes. Use the pulse button for the first minute to allow the frozen foods to adjust to the chopper. When the mixture softens into a puree, continue blending,(using the on button) for another five minutes or until all the strawberries have been completely and smoothly blended. Pour into serving cups. Makes approximately 6-8 servings.