Mint ice cream

The smoothest and most herbal ice cream ever. Positively decadent.




2 c whipping cream 2 cup milk (skim is OK) 1 cup mint leaves (I used chocolate mint but lemon balm, pineapple mint or apple mint would also be good) 1 cup sugar 8 egg yolks

Nutritional information

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In saucepan, simmer sugar with milks and mint on stove until sugar is melted and small bubbles appear. Mix yolks together (reserve whites for meringue!). Add ½ cup of hot milk to the yolk mix and mix quickly to avoid scrambling the eggs. Mix half of that mix in with the hot milk until incorporated, then mix in the rest. Refrigerate overnight. Strain out mint. Freeze in Cuisinart Ice Cream maker. Modified from the July 2011 Sunset magazine Mint Pot de Creme recipe.