Lemon bread pudding

I was 6. I had 2 brothers and 2 sisters. We made this till I was 13. Then I got too busy. My memory sad to say is at 13 she said come on let's make our lemon pudding. I said no I'm going out to play. My memory I looked back and she was cracking the eggs, my job. I wish I would not have looked back because that memory haunts me to this day. I wished I would've made that pudding. Sorry Mom




milk eggs sugar vanilla lemon filling

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Mix milk eggs sugar and vanilla, Mom took a square foil pan that she always seemed to save and filled it with left over bread that she had made days earlier. Poured the mixture over the top and soaked the bread fully. She then took lemon filling and smeared it over the top of the bread. Baked it till it wiggled like jello. It smelled so good. We usually ate it warm. It cooled during dinner. We loved it.