Key Lime Creme Brulee

For creme brulee lovers who also adore citrus, what could be more delicious?




8 egg yolks ½ cup sugar 2 ½ cups heavy cream ¼ cup Key Lime juice 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 1 teaspoon orange zest 3 tablespoons dark brown sugar

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1. Preheat oven to 250 degrees. 2. In a bowl, mix egg yolks and sugar until just combined. 3. In a saucepan, heat cream to just below a simmer; add to yolk mixture gradually, beating constantly. 4. Stir in the lime juice. 5. Continue to beat until mixture is smooth. 6. Pass through a fine strainer into a bowl or measuring cup with a pouring lip. 7. Stir in vanilla and orange zest. 8. Pour into 6-8 ramekins. 9. Place in a large baking pan; 10. Add water to the pan until it reaches halfway up the side of the ramekins. 11. Bake for 45-50 minutes. Do not overbake. Creme should still be a bit jiggly. 12. Remove ramekins from pan; 13. Cool to room temperature. 14. Refrigerate until chilled, 8 hours or up to 2 days. 15. Just before serving, top each custard with brown sugar. Using a small torch crisp and caramelize the brown sugar. Do not allow sugar to burn.