Grandma's Italian Biscotti Cookies Large Batch

Oven at 400 grease cookies sheets starting with a ball the side of a baseball, make a log, place almonds zigzagged on the dough long then close up and pat shut. May bake 2 logs on same cookies sheet, bake until golden brown remove cool. With electric knife cut at angle place cookies back on their sides and place in oven for 2nd baking for additional 5 minutes until brown. Make balls size of walnuts makes nice small cookies may frost & dip in various frostings.


many dozen's


5 lbs Flour 6 Tbls Baking Powder 3 cups butter (or 1/½ butter 1½ shortening - making sure the shortening for 0 transfat) 6 cups sugar (I use 5 cups for less) Mix in very large bowl - like pie dough In a separate bowl mix 18 eggs and 5 Tbls Vanilla with fork. (You may cut this recipe in half)

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Make a well (hole) in dough mixture and pour about ½ egg mixture and kneed. Make a well again and kneed until completely mixed. Make a huge ball for pie dough, will be softer than pie dough. Make big ball and cover bowl with towel & let set for about 30 minutes to get the baking powder working.