Ghadam ta'Novembru/Halloween Bones

Ghadam ta Novembru/ Halloween Bones Submitted by CulinaryArtist
Ghadam ta Novembru/ Halloween Bones Submitted by CulinaryArtist

This is a traditional MALTESE dessert for Halloween and during the month of November, which the RCC, (the predominant religion practised by the islanders) dedicates for the souls of the faithful departed. Usually this dessert follows a complete meal including a special typical soup,(vegetables based soup) a very particular entree (il-Hanzira tal-Erwieh) entree and a typical fruit/alcohol refreshment all of which are served prior to this dessert during the whole month of November and where all food is abundant and meant to extend and be shared with the poorest of the poor of the country.




Ghadam ta’ Novembru NOVMBER HALLOWEEN BONES (Traditional MALTESE Dessert for Halloweeen & the month dedicated for the faithful departed) Sweet Pastry: 1.25 kg flour 500 gr margarine/butter 500 gr sugar 100 mls egg yolks 15 gr baking powder few drops vanilla essence 175 mls water (if necessary) finely ground lemon rind Almond Filling: 450 gr ground almonds 350 gr sugar 100 mls egg whites Ground lemon rind Decoration: Flaked blanched/ roasted almonds White/ Milk /Plain melted chocolate

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Method for pastry: Place the flour and baking powder in a large bowl (or mixer bowl if using electric appliance with dough beater) and create a large hole in the middle. Add the butter/margarine, sugar, vanilla essence, lemon rind and egg yolks to this hole. Add water IF NECESSARY. Beat on high speed till the mixture turns into a soft dough. Method for filling: Whisk egg whites until very stiff; add the ground almonds, then add sugar and the lemon rind. Stuff the sweet dough with the almond filling and mold all into femurs (long leg bones) Then bake in the centre of a moderate oven for 20 minutes. When completely cool, decorate with some melted choc of your choice and sprinkle roasted almonds on top. (N.B. Pray 3 'Requiem aeternam'(Eternal rest) per bite :-)