Easy Banana Ice Cream

This ice cream is made in the Cuisinart Ice Cream maker I just bought. It is very yummy and not too fattening. I was looking for ice cream recipes that didn't call for sugar. The cream, milk and other ingredients add enough calories to the mix. I wanted something creamy and lush as well and the sorbets just didn't give me that. So I came up with this.




1 cup cold whole milk 2 cups heavy cream(whipping) 2 Ripe bananas 1 teaspoon banana flavoring 1 cup chopped walnuts

Nutritional information

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Follow the normal ice cream maker guidelines. I pour the milk, heavy cream and flavoring in first. I let it mix for about 15 minutes when I see it start to get creamy. Then I slice the 2 bananas and add them and then finally the nuts and let it run till done. This recipe uses no sugar or sugar substitute and turns out so creamy and fantastic and way less Calories.