Chocolate Port Cake

The Best CHOCOLATE Dessert for Special Days or Gift




1 cube (½ cup) unsalted butter
½ cup port wine
4 oz unsweetened chocolate
1 cup granulated sugar
3 eggs, separated
¾ cup all-purpose flour, sifted
⅛ teaspoon salt

1 cup granulated sugar
¼ cup port wine
2 cups water
8 oz unsweetened chocolate
¼ cup heavy cream

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


Cake: Use 10" cake pan. Line bottom of pan with wax paper, butter, then dust with flour. Melt together in a double boiler wine, butter and chocolate. Set aside 2 tablesppons of sugar. Combine remaining sugar and egg yolks in a mixer and beat until pale yellow. Add melted chocolate slowly so it will not cook the eggs. Beat until smooth, then add flour and salt and beat until smooth again. Beat egg whites and sugar until soft peaks form. When whites are firm, fold in ⅓ of the chocolate mixture. Transfer to a clean bowl and fold in remaining chocolate. Pour batter into cake pan. Bake for 30 minutes in a 325 degrees oven. Best served warm. This cake may be served as a 1-layer cake topped with chocolate port sauce or as a 2-layer cake with frosting.

Chocolate Port Sauce: Boil water, sugar and wine to make a syrup. Reduce heat, melt chocolate. Remove from heat and add cream. Pour warm sauce over cake and serve with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Excellent Extra: To give this cake as a Christmas holiday spin, add to the cake recipe an extra ½ cup of very finely chopped dried Bing cherries or cranberries soaked overnight in ½ cup port wine.