Chocolate and vanilla Brownie Trifle

A trifle dish with layers of brownies, chocolate pudding and vanilla pudding, Topped off with whipped cream and cherries.




1 trifle dish or a very tall round clear glass dish you can find. 3 boxes of Jello brand instant chocolate pudding. 3 boxes of jello brand vanilla instant pudding. 1 box of dream whip (you can also use any heavy whipping cream or any type of cool whip) 2 boxes of any brownie mix you would like. 1 can of cherry pie filling. 14 cups of milk eggs veg oil water

Nutritional information

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Step 1-Bake brownies as directed on box. Allow to cool completely. Step 2- While brownies are cooling set up your mixer to make the instant puddings, mix into two separate containers. Place in fridge till needed. Step 3-Whip up the 1 box of dream whip till nice and fluffy. Place in fridge till needed. Step 4- Now that brownies are cool slice brownies in pan in small pieces almost bite size. Step 5-Layer Brownies in the bottom of trifle dish making sure the whole bottom is covered with brownies, then layer with the chocolate pudding, Spread pudding so you can see the pudding at the edge of the dish. (Being careful not to get too much pudding on the side as it will ruin your design, just enough for the layer). Step 6-Repeat with a layer of brownies, covering the pudding completely; next do a layer of the vanilla pudding spread to edge of trifle dish so you can see the layers. Next repeat with another layer of brownies, then use the chocolate pudding again. Depending on you size of your dish you can have more layers or less. You want to end with the chocolate pudding last and still have room for the whipped cream and cherries. After you have figured out your hi you can go the topping (whipped cream) should be spread all around the top making sure you can see the layer through the trifle dish, The last step is to place the cherries on top of the whipped cream, spreading the cherries to cove the whipped cream. Then add 1 dollop of whipped cream in the center and you are done.