Old Fashion Breakfast: French Toast/Hot Cakes Tastys

Taste the best at the same time, for a great FULL breakfast, make my COMBO french toast/hot cakes tastys, & feel full all morning long!


4/6 servings


4/6 white day old slice breads 2 large eggs ½ cup milk 2 tc of cinnimin hot cake batter from box, ½ cup, 3 tc of nuts, blueberries, & or fresh strawberries to top off

Nutritional information

No nutrition information available


On flat frying pan or hot griddle, pre heat stove to med to high until hot - test with drop of oil or water. Pre-stray with cooking oil stray, While pre heating*, mix all above ingredients in large bowl When pan is very hot, put on french toast, then hot cake batter, then cook on both sides When completely cooked, top off with extra hot cake batter on one side. When that side is completely cooked, shut off range Add the nuts blueberries or strawberries of your choice fruit. Add cool whip or sprinkle with sugar if your choice. Wala, & so very yummy too! Enjoy your old fashion breakfast combo french toast/hot cakes tastys!!!